About Us

The Company values combine the exceptional work of our craftsmanships and the aesthetic research and creativity of our designers. Dedicated to combining luxurious comfort with contemporary beauty and quality, Indo teak Patio is entirely manufactured under strict supervision from our well trained staff, in its factory based in Indonesia. Our aim is your pleasure - to be enjoyed in countless special moments indoors and outdoors. Indo teak Patio is dedicated to the challenge of Innovation and the pursuit of excellence.


IndoTeak Patio recognizes the importance of minimizing the impact of our manufacturing activities on the environment, and we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We conduct our business in ways that protect the environment and demonstrate good stewardship of our world’s natural resources. All of our product we use cultivated teak originating from properly done teak plantations, which are socially and environmentally beneficial. VLK reffering to FLEGT regulation becoming our standart certification. FSC 100% teak are available on the request.

Build A Product

All created in house by our ingenious & creative designers. Our expert team has the know-how and the determination to face any design challenge head-on and deliver a product that’s as inimitable as it is beautiful. In fact, our goal is to assimilate our custom furnishings into any environment —and any decoration— as naturally, tastefully and efficiently as possible.


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